Rising Black Flags

Wolfmaster's music is primarily composed using keyboards, bass, and drum samples. I write all the music and the lyrics. My musical influences come from the Rock/Metal genres. But I break the rules by not using any guitars and instead I am strictly using keyboards although in the future I will bring guitar tracks to some of the songs. additionally, I tried to inject different beat rhythms from different styles of music and mix it all up. overall, with each album I like to do something a little bit different although I maintain the mood of the dark style. Lyric wise, for each album I try to come up with its own theme.

So far I recorded all my music and MilkBoy Recording studio in Ardmore, PA. all of my albums were produced by Tommy Joyner and myself. Additionally, Tommy laid down all the bass tracks on the Murder and Religion album and he also played drums on three of the songs from the Ghosts and Death album. Tommy and his assistant Cody Cochowski have been great assts in helping me to finalize the albums since the very beginning.

Finally, I would like to point out that my music has been featured in various TV shows that were aired on MTV2, Discovery Channel and the Green Channel. It's a great feeling to see that my music is also being recognized by the entertainent industry.