Stiff Little Fingers

"Getting increasing spins on both college and commerical radio, as well as being placed in the soundtracks of at least three new films, Strap is having a pretty good year." - InterMixx Magazine_____"These guys can really play. They might just turn out the be one of the best bands in Philly." - Philadelphia Weekly_____"Dead Center is the scary kind of record that is accessible by both indie and mainstream crowds. It's great, up the middle rock'n'roll that has a clever sensibility of a band like Sloan." - Doug Warner, WXDU Duke University Radio_____"Strap recently packed an event they did for Y100. You could feel the excitement in the room before and after the show. What a performance." - Dan Fein, Y100 FM Philadelphia_____"The first thing you notice about Strap's Dead Center Of The Universe Is Here is the excellent sound quality and packaging. It really is pro and Milkboy Recording deserves a lot of credit. Track 1 Backbone has big guitars and a real arena rock, early Def Leppard feel. It's got Michael Monroeish (Hanoi Rocks) vocals with cool harmonies and could almost be mistaken for an old Sweet song...just a little more metal. Stiff Little Fingers is a good power-pop song that reminds me of Michael Hutchence from INXS. Another standout is Didn't Say It Loud Enough; catchy and solid. Dead Center Of The Universe is a good, if not great, CD. Its production value, catchy hooks, and seemingly cool influences, make it far better than your average fair. 4 out of 4 stars." - Local Music Network, Philadelphia