Sharon Little

Drawing Circles

When Sharon Little came to MilkBoy in 2006, we instantly fell in love with Sharon's one of a kind vocals, and personality. In the weeks prior to Sharon coming to MilkBoy, Grammy winning songwriter Scot Sax had stopped by MilkBoy to let us know he had moved back into the area, and that he was interested in collaborating with local acts. Tommy Joyner set up a meeting with Scot and Sharon and the two immediately hit it off. Over the months that followed, Sharon and Scot wrote and recorded the record Drawing Circles @ MilkBoy with Tommy Joyner. The duo toured in support of the recording, playing all over the country to rave reviews. The album went on to get them attention from record labels, and eventually a deal with CBS Records. MilkBoy's Tommy Joyner and Joel Metzler also help with Sharon's CBS debut "Perfect Time For A Breakdown" as well as the single "Genie in my Dreams," which was feature on the NCIS volume 2 soundtrack.