Sasha Woods

Showdown At The Station

After picking up an old dusty acoustic in Uptown, Minneapolis, Sasha decided she'd write a song. Inspired by the warm air and cool vibe in Puerto Vallarta, she wrote New Deal, which became her troubadour favorite. New Deal and six other originals are featured on Sasha's debut album, Avenues & Boulevards, released December 2008.

Sasha came to songwriting in a roundabout fashion that began during her freshman year in college. After hearing her piano teacher say, "You should be practicing at least two hours a day or you're wasting my time," Sasha knew she was about to embark on a journey that would allow her to cultivate her interest in classical music and composition. Two years later, she auditioned for a spot at the Royal College of Music and, after hearing the good news, moved to London that summer.

While studying with Edwin Roxbourgh, the UK composer extraordinaire, she began orchestrating original works and set aside time to write poetry in Hyde Park. Songwriting became her medium of choice when she returned to the US and she began listening to the best -- Joni Mitchell, Neko Case, Ricky Lee Jones, among many others. Her upcoming album, Avenues & Boulevards, is comprised of ideas developed while both working with the band La Farmacia and on her own. Sasha collaborated with Tim Sonnefeld and Coby Cichowski of MilkBoy Studios in Philadelphia. Look for performances in DC, Philly and New York City this coming year.