The Quelle Source


"'Enjoy the Ridge'is alive, and it makes you want to see them live because you know it would be an awesome show. Their energy makes them awesome, plus the super cool guitar riffs ("OT5"), the fact that their album title is a sarcastic jab at their neighborhood, their proven ability to slow it down ("Wives' Tale"), the lead singer's sweet voice, and the angsty lyrical genius reminiscent of Dear & the Headlights or The Format...
...I love intelligent songwriters, and I would probably listen to the same couple chords over and over again if the lyrics said something brilliant. Thankfully, because of bands like this, I don't have to make that kind of sacrifice."- Kristin Garrett, The Indie Handbook, Jan 2010

"'Exciting' is precisely how someone might describe a Quelle Source performance. Onstage, it's not unusual for The Quelle Source to rip through a blistering 90-second pop nugget, give away a bag of gerbil food to an audience member, then play a tongue-in-cheek cover of the Channel 6 Action News theme song. Wisniewski's stage acrobatics act as a compelling source of entertainment unto themselves - his method of physically wrangling each note out of his maroon-and-white Strat is the most expressive component of the band's soud."- Pat Foy, Origivation Magazine July 2009

"It's hard to ignore that The Quelle Source's self-titled EP is full of pretty, earnest indie pop without coming off as sounding like really cheesy singer-songwriter crap."- The Deli Magazine Philadelphia