The Lilys

You're Getting Closer

The present-day Lilys formed in Philadelphia nee Boston nee Washington DC some time ago when Kurt Heasley (writer) and Torben Pastore (agitator) fell upon one another in a Cambridge bar amidst the sounds of breaking bottles, a then-form of music criticism. Lilys had begun to prepare the release of the Better Can't Make Your Life Better LP and Kurt was rummaging for the touring band. Torben had just stormed out of a coffeehouse folk performance (his own) amid his happy denouement that what he really wanted was to be in the best rock band he could handle. A bond was formed, and a wash of touring and recording ensued complete with a nod to passing ambulances, a live performance on Top of the Pops, tall tales evoking images of orbicular face paint, and a single in the UK to which many an ass shook. Through epic versions of trial and error the band recruited Chris McAllen (awpshawer) for a 2003 tour of the US where, along the way, Trish Scearce (percussion and instruments) was rescued from a casino. Who wants a body massage with a magic show?

In December 2003, Lilys recorded 3 new songs with New Jack superproducer Mike Musmanno. A May 24 UK release date is set for the album The Lilys that will feature those 3 songs along with 2 remixes and 8 original tracks from the US release. A suspicious love was cultivated as voted Precollection one of the 20 Best Records of 2003 and NME listed Will My Lord Be Gardening (from The Lilys) as one of Joe Cardamone's (The Icarus Line) top 10 songs of 2003. Back in Philadelphia, Lilys have already begun channeling their next full-length.

Lilys fuels mysterious excitement in the hearts of music fans, frustrating many with its 'best kept secret' identity of late. But time has brought about an evolution even Darwin would have been excited about. In March the band played London's Metro Club, as well as Austin, TX's South By Southwest music conference, their shows delighting all comers. The summer of 2004 has Spain slated as the next stop on the map, and the full European tour shall soon be underway. So welcome the mythical Lilys.