John Mallinen

Pictures and Puzzles

John Mallinen's music feels like home - how home should feel. It has been drifting quietly and serenely through the walls and the chairs and the tables that make up the cozy living room of your life all along. When it finally weaves its way from the seams of the upholstery, something clicks, and feels right. Folky and fresh, Mallinen's honesty and sincerity shine in his six-song debut EP. His songwriting approaches the sometimes frustrating circumstances that we all at times face with a soothing halcyon composure that keep you coming back for more. Charming instrumentation and female backup vocals from Julia Shields accentuate the tranquility of the release. From his youth in Colorado to his education in Philadelphia, Mallinen must have matured tremendously. He seems to have figured out what it takes a lifetime to understand.