Grayson Hill

The Right Words

Two songwriters armed with guitars, a harmonica and a piano, this duo has taken their experience on the college circuit and turned it into a successful record deal with a loyal and much deserved following. This duo has been blessed with remarkable talent and the much sought after radio-ready sound that makes their music so infectious. Taylor Mullins and Griffin Hamsley are polished, charismatic and truly entertaining; unrefined brilliance in its truest form. When listening to some tracks for the first time, I immediately felt as though I had stumbled across a diamond in the rough, with a vivid and clearly perfected sound. After further discovery, it turns out that Grayson Hill re-recorded Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover for the soundtrack to the major motion picture, Derailed. Not to mention the fact that the track was produced by multi-talented and much respected Wu Tang founder, RZA. Its apparent that the duo is off to a raging and astute start to a successful career.

As for the music itself, Unbreak Me is an instantaneous hit, with smooth guitar rhythms and strong vocals. Coupled with thoughtful lyrics and highly-flavored vocals, this duo is a multifaceted talent with staying power. Heather brings it down to a smooth acoustic medley of thoughtful lyrics and expressive melodies. And, for my personal favorite, Ode to You is a sensitive and raw track. It's a reminder of the internal choices one must make to become the master of one's own destiny.

Overall, Grayson Hill's sound reflects the smoothness and impressionable sound of such artists as Stuart Mathis and John Mayer. With the perfection that they possess, there is not one bad or constructive critique that can be given. With the drive and determination this duo maintains, Grayson Hill will definitely be around for years to come and will continue to influence all generations of musicians.