George Stanford

My Own Worst Enemy

George Stanford made his way to the front of the band through the brass section, where he played trombone in every type of band he could as a kid. Trombone proved to be a dangerous 'gateway' instrument, leading him to the bass, guitar, keyboards, and anything else that would make noise. These instruments led him to discover his love for singing, and the beautiful puzzle of songwriting. He studied the trombone at University of the Arts in his native Philadelphia for a year, where he formed the rock group Townhall. Realizing the academic lifestyle wasn't for him, he left school to set out on the road with his band. After touring, recording, and starving for over five years, the group decided to go their separate ways in early 2006. With the demons of rock and roll calling his name louder than ever, and a new understanding of his own musical voice, George left his home, family, and job at the laundromat for the bright lights of Los Angeles, to record a batch of new tunes. Within weeks of getting to the big city, he signed a recording contract with Epic Records. After a little shake up in early 2007, George moved to Mercury Records and became the first artist on the revived classic label. His debut record, 'Big Drop' was released in June 2008. Billboard magazine called it "a promising debut from a serious talent." He has since rejoined the ranks of independent musicians, and lives in Hollywood, CA, recording and producing his and other artists' music. His latest release is the 5 song EP, 'Roll Away.'