Chris Bruni

Too Late

After an initial fundraiser was organized by Bruni and some helpful "business partners", Chris suddenly found himself with enough money to fund the initial recording of a new album. With this overwhelming financial support, he chose to use the services of MilkBoy.

MilkBoy Recording proved to be the perfect place for Chris to capitalize on his unexpected financial backing. Upon entering the studio with his live band, Chris was introduced to Grammy nominated producer, Tim Sonnefeld ("Townhall"). The immediate connection with Sonnefeld energized Chris in a way that he had not experienced beforehand. Adding the talents of Philly masterminds John Lilley (The Hooters), Devin Greenwood (Norah Jones, Amos Lee) and fellow singer/songwriter Laura Shay, this new collection of songs became more polished and dynamic than Bruni had ever imagined since venturing out on his own.