Chill Moody

Ain't Nothing New

"My life is dedicated to those who said I would never make it!"

What started out as the first lines of a rap, has become a mantra for Chill Moody. The young aspiring hip-hop artist who hailing from West Philadelphia and prides himself on being one of the top lyricist to hit the city in years. He has been compared to rappers such as Common, Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco, and Talib Kweli due to his the flow of his material, its lyrical content and his versatility.

"I've been rapping for as long as I can remember – since third grade talent shows, but I've only recently got serious with rap music." Chill, a.k.a "Tha Blokk Capt'n" has released four official mixtapes, his most recent (T.D.R.M.N) reached 400 plus downloads in the first three days following its release and has been dubbed a "classic" by many of the listeners.

Chill Moody is the front man for a hip-hop stable (Tha ESTablishmynt), which consists of producers, other rappers and as R&B singers. They also have plans to branch out into comedy and fashion with their own clothing line.

"What's interesting about Tha E.S.T is that we are all blood relatives." Other than rapping, Chill also pens lyrics for R&B songs and is the creator of The Youtube show E.S.Tv. "At the end of the day I want to do it all. Own a label, rap, act, produce shows, everything. And I am certain I have the ability to do it all." Stay current with Chill Moody by visiting his web site